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During my Naval Service I served aboard the USS Aldebaran (AF-10), a provisions ship commonly called a "Reefer".  The "Dirty Al" as it was referred to was in full service to the U.S. Navy from 1941 until 1968. 

In 2004 some former crewmembers commenced working on a reunion.  Through various connections including a Yahoo Group site  several of the "Old" crewmembers were found and have held a reunion every year since.  Even though some of us served at different times and didn't even know each other, we have become very good friends and enjoy the camaraderie very much.  We met in Charleston, SC in 2005, Norfolk, VA (our old home port) in 2006, and San Antonio, TX in 2007.

When we commenced talking about the reunion we all stirred through the cobwebs of our attics and minds trying to remember things from many, many years ago.  This page is a collection of the things I found or remembered.

Click here for some old pictures.

Click here for some things I recalled in 2004.

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